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Choose Compost For Your Beautiful Garden And A Better Tomorrow


If you have conceived composting to be a smelly garbage pile, then it is time to steer clear such thoughts from your mind. Composting makes use of biodegradable materials and transforms it to a medium rich in nutrients. Compost can help you grow royal roses, greener mints, lovely tomatoes and even more varieties of plants.

When you decide to recycle your kitchen wastes into compost, you help the environment. The portals of www.compostbinhq.com discuss the varied benefits of composting for sustainable living. It enhances the soil quality and reduces the emission of greenhouses gases. The portals of www.gardeners.com share the success stories of using compost to support plant growth. Here you go with reasons to opt for composting.

To enrich the quality of the soil
When you use synthetic fertilizers, it can harm the richness of the earth. It can affect the biodiversity. But a compost can act as a protective covering and enhance the soil. If you choose to compost, then you can replenish the soil with the activity of beneficial microbes. The microorganisms decompose the organic matter to form humus which helps the soil to retain moisture.

The nutrients in the ground are also replenished naturally in the process. Compost provides the soil with essential minerals such as potassium, phosphorous, nitrogen and other trace elements to support optimum plant health and growth. When you consume vegetables and fruits from such composted soil, they turn out to be more healthy and nutritious.

Compost can act as a natural fertilizer and brings about improved soil aeration. It suppresses the growth of weeds. Compost protects the roots of the plant from any damage. It increases the water retention ability of the ground. It drains heavier soils or clay. Composting also plays a significant role in reducing the number of soil diseases.

Another significant advantage of composting is that it can clean the polluted soil. The soil often absorbs volatile compounds, odors, pesticides, wood preservatives, hydrocarbons, and much more. They get contaminated with these harmful compounds. When you compost, these detrimental organic compounds can be treated to become non-toxic. On a larger scale, composting can help prevent soil erosion. It can also lessen the turf loss on hillsides and roadsides.

To save money and resources
Water scarcity has become one of the potential threats to the human society. Saving water for a prosperous tomorrow is important. Composting can save a significant amount of water as plants grown in composted soils consume less water. Compost can protect plants from various pest attacks and diseases thus reducing the necessity for purchasing pesticides or insecticides. Composting can also increase the production of crops at a much lower cost.

To preserve the environment
When piles of garbage from every household reach the landfills, it does not decay efficiently and starts producing massive amounts of methane. When large quantities of this gas circulate in the atmosphere, it results in global warming. When you decide to recycle your kitchen wastes, you reduce the emission of methane into the air. In that way, you maintain the natural balance of the environment. So, start composting your kitchen waste from today.