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Dos and Don’ts of Everyday Dress Code

The modern trends are completely unpredictable, as people wear sneakers with their dresses these days. However, there are still dress codes that prevail from the golden age. These dress codes can be a bit confusing to women of the modern era; here, the black tie, creative black tie, business formal and other codes are described to women who would love to follow the classic rules of dress code. Whether it is a chiffon midi dress, maxi skirt, jean, cardigans pick the style that fits the dress code. offers more insight on everyday dress code.

Black Tie
Black tie event is a very formal event. Cocktail dresses can be worn only if they are very dressy and sleek. The best dress to wear for a black-tie event is a formal, floor length gown. As mentioned earlier, a dressy cocktail dress with fancy jewelry that elevates the overall look can be worn.

Black-tie Optional
This even, like the original black-tie event, is also dressy but it is not as strict. A formal evening gown can be worn but cocktail dresses can also be worn in these events. A formal floor length gown, cocktail dresses that are fancy, a tux style pantsuit or little black dresses can be worn to this even.

Business casual
Business casual look is meant to look professional and is not very dressy. The dress must be formal enough to be worn to the office but then it should also be comfortable enough to grab a drink. The best choice in this case would be an open collar sweater or shirt, along with trousers or pencil skirts. A dress can also be worn as long as it is not provocative.

Business Formal
The scenario is a very important presentation to be made at work, and must be dressed accordingly. That is how one must dress for a business formal event. A polished tailored dress with a pantsuit or a blazer can be worn. The important thing is to style the look with appropriate heels. For a formal event, flats or super- high club shoes must never be worn.

This look is pretty easy to pull off, as I is the way one would dress for grabbing a brunch. A skirt and a plain tee, or a jean with a button down blouse can be worn. Even a cotton sun dress works for a casual look. Flats are fine for a casual look.

Creative Black Tie
This is just the same as a black- tie even, but with a little breathing room. The outfit must be formal and dressy, but with a little added creativity and playfulness. Any dressy cocktail dress, evening gown along with accessories that is unique.

Dressy Casual
A dressy casual look does not look lazy or frumpy as an ordinary casual look. A dressy blouse along with jeans and heels can be worn; a skirt and a top set, a dress or a crisp pantsuit comes under dressy casual. Flats can be worn as long as they are not sneakers.

This event will be dressy, but not as formal as a black-tie event. A LBD, cocktail dress, floor length skirt paired with a blouse can be worn. A long dress can also be worn.

White Tie
This dress code is the most extravagant of all. Full ball gowns, elbow length gloves and the best jewelry make this look work. A floor length evening gown is mandatory; the gloves are optional. The best jewelry that goes with the outfit must be worn. The dress must incorporate materials like silk, lace and chiffon.

A cocktail dress, LBD, short suits in formal fabrication with a pair of heels can be worn. Flats are mostly not recommended but can work in some situations.